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Our customer reviews and comments are important to us.  Here are some of our reviews:



It sure did! It arrived today! Thanks hugely. Now, we can take showers without worrying that the rod and the curtain will fall with the water into the shower. Yea! Well done Affordable Bath. A bit pricey; but what price privacy, intact sheetrock and the joy of putting back up my silk curtain liner along with the cloth shower curtain. Our 9' ceilings just love your "other than a 36" option on the center rod holder. If we could be happier, I cannot think how. You are bookmarked forever!




The Blankenships


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I wanted to thank you so much for your great customer service, responding to my request for the replacement bolt. It's been rare that I find a company like yours to consider such a request as mine and fill it. Your installation tip is, also, greatly appreciated and has been utilized to help me avoid a similar situation.
Yours, Greg

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 I took your advice and now have a custom made bracket. I broke into the wall to make a 2x4 support between the studs, and once it's cleaned up and painted, the bracket should work perfectly. Thanks for the suggestion!  


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 This final part of my order arrived yesterday and was installed today. The exposed shower had already been installed and turned out well. The tub has a new finish & I have a new pedestal sink also. Thank you very much for your patient & consistent help. I could not have otherwise conquered this project.


 Many thanks!


Linda S

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Thank you Denise and Dwayne for your great customer service!


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Thank you in advance for the information. I like your toilet best of those I've seen online, and since my husband says he only pays for the stuff and I do the design, I get to choose. Yours looks like a quality unit.

 Mrs. Karen B

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Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! I am so excited and very impressed with your company. Tami