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  • Baby Blue, Bone, White, Translucent
    $65.00 Choose Options 168 inch Wide Extra Large Shower Curtain
    These sturdy shower curtains come in a variety of colors and are made of textured seamless vinyl with 28 nickel plated grommets. Size 168"W x 72" L Magnets are placed at the bottom to keep curtain in place. Made in the USA...

  • 1920's Tumbler Toothbrush Holder, Chrome over brass
    $89.00 1920 Tumbler Toothbrush Holder
    Circa 1920's Tumbler and Toothbrush Holder.  Chrome plated over brass with a nice worn patina.  Has some pitting as seen in the photo. Measures 7 1/2" tall, protrudes 4 1/2".  Holds 5 brushes.  Tumber...

  • 1950's chrome plated brass tumbler holder
    $59.00 1950 Tumbler Holder
    Circa 1950's solid brass tumbler with its original chrome platting.  The chrome plating shows a very nice worn patina with the brass showing through.  Made of cast brass with the original mounting hardward...

  • 5 Pots of Chalk Paint®, Soft Clear Wax, Dark Wax, #8 Small Annie Sloan Brush and Color Card.  Valued at $155.60
    $137.60 Choose Options 5 Pot Special
    The 5 Pot Special is great for the beginner and experienced.  Our Collections consists of 5 Pots of Chalk Paint®, an Authentic Annie Sloan Paint Brush, 1 Clear and 1 Dark Soft Wax and an Annie Sloan Color Card...

  • Annie Sloan Color Card of Chalk Paint®
    $3.00 Annie Sloan Color Chart
    The Chalk Paint® Color Card is painted with real paint.  You may find that the appreance of the colors varies slightly according to the application.  Some colors will appear darker once waxed. These is a...

  • Antibes Green Chalk Paint®
    $34.95 Choose Options Antibes Green
    Antibes Green The inspiration for the name of this brilliant green comes from the town of Antibes in the French Riviera. This color is brought to our palette from two sources – the first being the neoclassical...

  • 3 Prong Brass Hook, angique
    $39.00 Antique Robe Hook
    Antique 3 Prong Robe Hook made of solid red brass. Measures 3 1/2" wide, 5 1/2" tall and protrudes 4".  We have left this hook in it's original tarnished aged look.  Not lacquer coated. Sold as is,...

  • Antonientte Chalk Paint®
    $34.95 Choose Options Antoinette
    Antoinette Old fashioned roses and the color of old plaster. Inspired by Marie Antoinette, this natural pink is soft and pale with a hint of brown added so that the color is not too sweet.

  • April Chalk Paint® Workshop Schedule
    $0.00 April Chalk Paint® Workshop Schedule
    Attached you will find our April Chalk Paint® Workshop Schedule.  Sign up early!  209-369-2284 Click on the schedule to enlarge

  • Arles Chalk Paint®
    $34.95 Choose Options Arles
    Arles The inspiration behind this sophisticated yellow is the color associated with the town of Arles in the South of France.  At the earthy end of yellow, Arles is a rich yellow ochre with a hint of orange juice. When...